credit:Airbus DS

JUICE Spacecraft

JUICE spacecraft is designed to be radiation-hardened and low power-consuming to endure harsh environments around Jupiter.

Mass (with propellant) : Approx. 2900kg
Payload : 219kg
Payload power consumption : 180W
Power Source : 800W solar panels
High-gain Antenna : 3.2m body fixed Ka band
High Δv capability : 2700m/sec
Radiation tolerance : 240krad/10mm
Downlink : 1.4Gbit/day and up

credit:e.g courtesy Airbus DS

Scientific Instruments

JUICE will carry 11 scientific instruments. Japanese research teams will provide parts of four science instruments (RPWI, GALA, SWI, and PEP/JNA). Japanese researchers also participate in science using other instruments, such as JANUS and J-MAG.

List of Scientific InstrumentsSupplied by JAXA : ★Supplied by NICT : ☆Developed with Japanese Researchers: ◯
Name Lead Researcher (Team)
JANUS Jobis, Amorum ac Natorum Undique Scrutator Junichi HARUYAMA (JAXA)
MAJIS Moons And Jupiter Imaging Spectrometer
☆ ◯ SWI Submillimetre Wave Instrument Yasuko KASAI (NICT)
UVS UV Imaging Spectrograph
RIME Radar for Icy Moons Exploration
3GM Gravity and Geophysics of Jupiter and Galilean Moons
★ ◯ RPWI Radio and Plasma Wave Investigations Yasumasa KASABA (Tohoku Univ.)
★ ◯ PEP Particle Environment Package Kazushi ASAMURA (JAXA)
J-MAG Magnetometer for JUICE Ayako MATSUOKA (Kyoto Univ.)
★ ◯ GALA GAnymede Laser Altimeter Keigo ENYA (JAXA)
PRIDE Planetary Radio Interferometer and Doppler Experiment