credit:NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute
2012〜 Spacecraft Designing > Scroll 2023 Ariane 5 Launch 2031 Fly to the Jovian system 2034 Ganymede orbit insertion 2035 Mission Complete

・Developing science instruments
・Mission Planning
・Observation Planning

Fly to the Jovian system
Earth → Earth → Venus → Earth → Earth → Jupiter

Observations of Jupiter's atmosphere and magnetosphere
・Investigating Jupiter’s atmosphere and magnetic field
・Observing dynamics on Jovian atmosphere and magnetic field
・Observations of Jupiter’s atmosphere at high latitudes
・Observation on interaction between Jupiter and its satellites

Callisto Flyby
・Investigating Callisto’s geological activity
・Understanding building material of Jupiter
 and the Solar system in early stage

Europa Flyby
・Investigating Europa’s surface materials and geological activity
・Observing plume eruption from the subsurface ocean
・Evaluating habitability

Ganymede Observation
・Mapping Ganymede’s surface material
・Investigations on Ganymede’s inner structure and subsurface ocean
・Present Geological Activity
・Formation of Ganymede and the Jovian system

Date JUICE Timeline
2012 Selected as ESA Cosmic Vision Program
2012- Designing spacecraft and scientific instruments
February 2023 Juice arrives in French Guiana
February-April 2023 Launcher Preparations at European SpacePort
April 2023 Launch on Arian 5
August 2024 Lunar-Earth flyby
August 2025 Venus flyby
September 2026 Earth flyby
January 2029 Earth flyby
July 2031 Arrival at Jupiter
July 2031-November 2034 Jupiter tour and 35 icy moon flyby
  Callisto flyby
  Europa Flybys
2034 Arrival at Ganymede
2035 Completion of the mission

JUICE’s Odyssey of exploration

JUICE: from Earth to Jupiter

An example of trajectory of JUICE spacecraft to the Jovian system[as of plan]


JUICE: around the Jupiter system

An example of trajectory of JUICE spacecraft to Ganymede orbit insertion[as of plan]