credit:NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute
Date JUICE Timeline
2012 Selected as ESA Cosmic Vision Program
2012- Designing spacecraft and scientific instruments
February 2023 Juice arrives in French Guiana
February-April 2023 Launch site operation at European Spaceport
April 2023 Launch on Arian 5 - V260
August 2024 Lunar-Earth flyby
August 2025 Venus flyby
September 2026 Earth flyby
January 2029 Earth flyby
July 2031 Arrival at Jupiter
July 2031-November 2034 Jupiter tour and 35 icy moon flybys
  Callisto flybys
  Europa flybys
2034 Arrival at Ganymede
2035 Completion of the mission

JUICE: from Earth to Jupiter

JUICE: around the Jupiter system


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